lördag 1 september 2007

Being no cowards...

Very spontaneously: See this essay by Arthur Silber about being a manly man!! The second half of the essay!!

My personal and spontaneous reaction to it (with a very amused smile :-)), the attitude from men who are actually real cowards (maybe deeply hidden, or?), their whole attitude, towards other men preferably under them in some way, manipulatively, to force another man (that is perhaps hesitating, or just unsure of himself and needs approval of a seemingly stronger?):

"Ha, who are cowards (weaklings) here (I am absolutely, definitely not)??? S0 - just show your manliness now!! Because, yes, I hope you are not a coward!!?? Or are you? (so just prove you aren't!! That you aren't a wimp!)"
This method is used in other circumstances (it doesn't need to be outspoken always) and on other levels too! And by politicians here and there in this world!? But maybe though not so destructively as in some parts of the world!?

By the way, in the web address to the link above it stands "Power of Narrative"... Yes, there is a power to narrate!? (and this can be threatening to the power too?? So some voices have to be silenced for less sound people in the power??).

"Giving your child a voice"...

PS. Is it the result of such treatment (early in life, maybe by their, not so little, contemptuous fathers on small sons) we see in many blogs on the net now? I came to wonder... In their way of arguing, and in their ideas about things in society and politics? In their whole tone towards others?

And when people at last gets fed up with them (when they have taken over all space and pushed away many and made many others angry and feeling very unpleasant and uncomfortable - which is what they want?? Stretching peoples patience to its outermost. Trying to provoke others, but maybe not being really aware of it? Trying to project everything they themselves can't harbor", yes, is it so?) and pay these back in their own coin they get surprisingly wounded!!! They who gave done no harm!! How can people be so mean to them?

But usually they ravage without being hindered!!??

This is really thinking loudly!! Trying thoughts... Which I can't formulate yet, trying to find words and expressions on...

PPS. And daughters to these fathers? As they are supposed to really be the weaker sex (not only physically, but in all other ways?) they are treated as even less worth, doesn't even exist to that father?? Is entirely invisible for him?

Resulting in what? That they become used and exploited as adult women, and made even more invisible?? By men who needs to take revenge for how they in turn were treated?

No, now I am going to organize among all my note-books and sheets!!! It's really needed! I have so many books and sheets so I don't know what I actually have... And have forgotten that this and this music exists! Now it's a mild mess among them... Hmmm...


Addition after a bike-tour: Contempt for weakness, that is for showing feelings!?? Feelings are weakness?? Being “rational” or not being troubled with feelings and emotions is more trustworthy? Or expressed in another way: not being so emotional is being strong - and more trustworthy!!?? More trustworthy than the emotional (usually a woman)! The emotional can be seen as not trustworthy at all! Seen as hysterical! Overstrung! Unreliable!

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