söndag 16 september 2007

Collective repression and denial/kollektiv bortträngning och förnekande...

I react a lot on phenomena today in the world, and wonder over them... People who if not praise greed, but not far from!! How are they constituted? What have they experienced? What do they have in their backpacks? And how can people be totally cold, be so totally arrogant, and don't care or give a damn about things?? Float on top of everything?

Do we see, everywhere around us, childhood needs that grown up people are trying to meet in a lot of different manners? Causing a lot of harm, bigger or smaller, and some not visible right away?? Things few of us see at all, thinking
"This is how life is"?
Which it perhaps doesn't have to be at all?? But we never get the opportunity to see this??

When I searched for something else in Bosch' book I found this (page 49-50):
"Collective Repression and Denial.
Since most of us have had to repress our childhood pain; we are not able to understand what childhood needs really are. Most of us believe that physical needs are the only real survival needs, and that meeting emotional needs is not vital. This is a mistake. In order to survive emotional needs should be met. When they are not, it is only thanks to our ability to repress the truth that our emotional needs will never be met, that we can secure our survival. Since almost all of us have had to do this, our society is in what could be termed as a state of collective Repression and Denial of the truth about childhood. As a consequence, the effects this has on individual lives, society, and ultimately the world we live in, are also repressed and denied.

The effects of repressing and denying the truth about childhood suffering are manifold. On a global level we see wars, poverty, hunger, environmental pollution fueled by greed and hatred. On a societal level we see the suffering of millions due to emotional pain, addictions and crime. On a family/individual level we see suffering because so few of us are able to maintain loving relationships [true] and many are lonely [also true]. And then at the end, or beginning of all, there is the child. The child that is born innocently into this world but whom can only survive the pain inflicted on her by repressing the terrible truth. The terrible truth which is hidden within the privacy of our family and the home, and of which so few are aware. And so we allow the destructive cycle to go on and on and on, without knowing what we do."
The following linked article is about hate-bloggers and humiliation-TV (though in Swedish). Thus on the theme above, about people I don't understand...

But... I can get quite angry myself when I read and see things... And really hate??? Feel hate? And anger and fury? Not many would perhaps believe that if they saw me?? But there are hot, boiling feelings in me, yes... Hmmm... And sometimes I feel extremely provoked when I read how people view things and the world... Get worried and scared and feel threatened... By the way see this posting from psycho-history list about Reality-TV, which is on a similar theme as that about humiliation-TV.
Läs Henry Bronett om hatbloggare och förnedrings-tv. Och Lotta Gröning om att regeringen sviker de sjukskrivna.
Översättning kommer av texten ovan...

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