torsdag 13 september 2007

Håll mitt hjärta/hold my heart...

Lyssnar på Björn Skifs i "Håll mitt hjärta". Klicka på den länken på denna sida!! Behöver detta som tröst och plåster på såren!! För sådant jag läser, saker som sker i politiken och samhället.
I am listening to Björn Skifs (Swedish artist) singing "Hold my heart" (Click on the link "Håll mitt hjärta" on the linked site, to the left, under "Jukebox"!!!). Feels as I need this as comfort and balm on wounds... For things I read, things that happens in politics and society... This music is much me!!?

Yesterday I played with one of our pupils, a girl that played violin. She played the first movement from Vivaldi's violin-concerto in a-minor, and with so much music in her! It was so easy to play with her!! She gave me a lot!! Usually it feels as it is me that do the lion's share of the work... Really! Hmmm...

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