lördag 8 september 2007

More morning thoughts...

Yesterday after lunch I happened to sit with a female colleague, X., in her sixties and our male boss, Y., with a cup of coffee in our staffs-room.

X’s daughter was in Basil now on a scholar-ship (about mines? Or something connected to mines. But this daughter has read different languages and is about to work with this, internationally, so I don’t actually what this scholarship is about)!!! X had been worried about her daughter (23 or 24 years?) that the one which should meet her on the airport shouldn’t be there, because the plane had been delayed… I don’t remember the details now. But of course these worries are understandable!?

Then Y started to talk about the benefits of travelling, and his niece, also a 23-year old woman who had been out in the world (in Australia, south-east Asia etc.) after se quitted the gymnasium!! Now she had settled in a very small village near the village where she had grown up!! (but now writing about it it strikes me he couldn’t specify what actual benefits!!??).

They spoke as if young people ought to travel, almost should have to travel… As if it was something you shall and must!! And something that is automatically beneficial!!! Only the fact that one does this…

I didn’t say much, just listened and felt a lot and thought even more. Thought their way of resonating was pretty superficial… Maybe they just needed something to talk about?? In a lack of something else to talk about!!??

And now this morning I actually mentioned this to a person on the phone… And when I now spoke about it I was stricken by the fact that Y himself is living in the same village as he grew upin, and I would be extremely surprised if he ever moves from there!!! And what has he seen of the world actually himself???

To me his way of resonating also parallels what my female boss thinks (she is standing above Y, a bit higher boss)!!! She has had a daughter that has been out travelling in South-east Asia too after she quitted the gymnasium. And gone back out there after having been home between to earn more money for her journeys (but her parents can probably help her financially too. Does all have this sort of help?). This boss also praises travelling!! All the benefits for young people.

And, yes, I think it can be good, to see other parts of the world to get perspectives on how we have it etc… (but can all young people do this? Do they have maybe either money or support for such things? For the first).

And she (my female boss) too grew up in one and the same village, moved when she was young adult!!!

It also struck me when I started to talk about this this morning that there exists people who can’t even travel 200 km!!! Because such people exists!! What about them?

And which one has more to come with of these I also thought quite ironically? The ones which have been out travelling or the one that can’t travel?? I don’t mean to generalize here, but… It’s not the ones that have been out travelling in this case I would say (about the benefits of travelling. And by the way: can and does all benefit of their traveling either?)!!! At least not among the ones I am acquaintance with. My female boss has also been out travelling, but maybe not in the manner as these young women!! And she is much older too! And despite she is in middle age – what has she actually learned? (a psychologist said to me that she is doing a journey up while others make their journeys inside themselves… And can it be so that you make a journey up, maybe to a position where you also can control more people and things because you can’t control yourself, than make a journey inside? But I want to remind about that I am questioning what this control shall be about! See previous blogpost).

The professor in religion psychology Owe Wikström wrote about the phenomena back-packers in one of his books… He wondered over this phenomenon; you can travel out in the world, but there is another journey, and this is inside… This journey out in the world, can it be a flight from something? Yes, he thinks it can… And often is. But of course it doesn’t have to be!!!

And I thought further: my two bosses (the female and the male) grew up in the same place, didn’t move during their childhoods… There are others who did… Me for instance. We/I lived in different parts of this country really the first 20 years! And saw different cultures, met different people, saw other places… On both good and bad!!! Yes, so it is; both on good AND bad! And why people move in this way can also have reasons…

And it strikes me: the ones with a status in society and a certain amount of money have more means to hide things??

One result of this (if you moved during childhood or not at all) is maybe that the one that grew up on one and the same place have more needs to see “something else”, and the one moving during the whole childhood doesn’t have these needs. Or need something else?

But beneath these grown up needs there can be something else??? But this is nothing you speak of!!!

For instance why people don’t travel, as well as why they travel! So to say what others ought to, shall and must… Or what young people ought to, shall and must…

I get so tired… I got so tired…

And I don’t understand their (many colleagues) way of resonating about their children… What that now is about… I just sit there listening - astonished... As if we are talking entirely different languages...

Needs for changes, excitement... If not as the psychopaths...

What should we encourage? Much more? (encourage real self-reflection??) Always with respect... Though.

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