måndag 10 september 2007

Contempt for the little human being...

Before I go to bed (I was thinking about phenomena in society and the whole world it seems): I read something this morning that made me throw these words down before I went to work, for a long day there, with three meetings, which didn’t make me less angry… And made me really tired. I said to a female colleague after these meetings, when she went with me in my car to the school where we should finish the days with pupils, that I should need being free after our meetings.

Because usually I am so tired after them because of all storms of emotions! Phew! She sighed, and looked even more tired than I felt… But she is older, near retirement age… The colleagues that got retired 15 years ago were much sprier than I think we will be when we reach that age…

Our last meeting our director of study held. He got a question (or a couple!! :-)) and he answered in a way I think sounds really as politicians!! Talking around things, not answering directly! I got even more tired. I just drop my cheek (literally too?? Not so beautiful! I can assure!) in astonishment. And want to scream.

“But hello!!!”
My whole body is reacting?

Now to what I wrote:

“Contempt for the little human being (the small human being inside). But one doesn’t have to be aware that one actually is. That one is lacking the ability for compassion.

One simply doesn’t know of anything else. If one has never experienced these feelings or emotions consciously, of empathy or compassion, of seeing another human being, one doesn’t know that one is lacking that ability. That one is lacking something. For instance emotional abilities, and which emotional abilities??”

Probably do we all suffer from this, but in different degrees and some also in a less harmful way than others. Some are extremely thick skinned others less? And some aren't aware at all that they are thick skinned!? Maybe the most thick skinned denies their thick-skinnedness the most or even entirely? Even to themselves...

In a couple of blogs Naomi Klein's new book is mentioned. See her home site, and about the book. I referred to this book and to John Berger (which has mentioned this book in an artcile I referred to by him, translated to Swedish) in a couple of blogposts.

English word of today "spry" which means "pigg" in Swedish.
And in the bottom (addition September 11): the way we raise children, and have been raising them...

With an authoritarian father-figure on top (in some cases this figure can also be a totalitarian and strict mother I guess)?? Whom we shall obey... The ones that obey are being rewarded, the disobedient punished (writing this I came to think about what Miller writes about Abraham!! How he sacrificed his son Isak and how the sons have been sent out in war, bigger and smaller wars, by their fathers for a high cause!! To fight for something "worthy"! To fight for and protect a belief, notion or idea? Which the men can go into death for! Not wanting to loose any illusions? While women have been standing beside, and not being able to intervene, power and helplessly. Why power and helpless?).

I got a tip about an article I think I want to write about... Ideas about how the "family" (in form of the society, a whole country, and even on micro-levels) shall be led!!!

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