tisdag 11 september 2007

Election in Norway …

It has been election in Norway this weekend. I got tips about two articles about this. One with the heading “The young, poor and powerless doesn’t go to the election” and the other “The powerlessness's policy”.

Almost half of those which are authorized to vote will sit home on the election, and not vote. Those which use their rights to vote are the ones that experience that they have power in their lives and existences in other circumstances says a teacher Karl-Fredrik Tangen at the university in Oslo.

These which don’t vote are first and foremost young people, and people in the bottom of the status hierarchy.

- I think the ones that experience and feel powerlessness generally in the life see politics as a sort of extension of that powerlessness. Not as a tool for making things better.

The participation in election is higher in the rich west than the poor east in Oslo.

-The ones participating in elections are the persons that experience they have control and power over their existence and life in other circumstances too!

Powerlessness can be one part of the explanation to low participation in elections.

-There will always be a group of people that feels powerlessness and feel that they are closed out from the collective project. Trust to the parties in Norway is generally low. People experience there is too much of “horse-dealing” in policy!

A woman says that she thinks that Tangen is right when he says that he thinks those which experiences powerlessness in life experience policy as an extension of that powerlessness. It's no idea anyway!

-I have so many experiences of outsiderness. I have been pestered again and again by helpers as social workers and psychologists. I have taken the bad treatment as “proofs” that I’m not a lovable human being. I haven’t met the trust from these which represents the society.

Therefore I didn’t understand why one suddenly should trust me the years when there is an election either. There was something that didn’t go together. I felt I would like to send my election-card in asking to be declared incapable of managing my own affairs (radically), so things would be put together better, so to say. As I once wanted to be an animal, not a child.

Extreme powerlessness makes one feel nothing worth. And this feeling can be dangerous, even for the society – when people don’t have anything to loose. To prevent powerlessness is politics for me.

I agree! It’s horrible when one feel like that!!!

But, yes, I think it can be like this:

-Is there any idea to vote at all?? I can’t influence or make any changes in any case…

Is this the small child, the small power and helpless child? That felt it had no influence or power whatsoever over the state of affairs? The childhood state or child consciousness? As Bosch describe!! The individuals self esteem and strength has been beaten out of him/her, he/she has been treated with so little respect?

And who are the ones that speak up in society?? And make their voices heard?? In what way do they do this then??

It’s the same in Sweden I think. And in other parts of the world it sounds…

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Anonym sa...

Not to vote is no solution. It's rather a problem. What would happen if all people who feel powerless did vote?

A small correction about Karl-Fredrik Tangen: He's not at The University of Oslo, but at Oslo School of Management. In my opinion few academics understand common workers, the poor and the supressed like he does. The socialist party Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) did a very bad election on Monday. They should have listened carefully to Mr. Tangen earlier. In December last year he focused on the party as too much a party for the cultural elite: http://www.dagbladet.no/magasinet/2006/12/01/484718.html

k sa...

Thank you for the information about Tangen!! :-)

Yes, I think politicians have lost contact with the grass-roots in many cases, too many!!

And I miss a certain sort of commentators in the debate, for instance on the net and in forums. There there also is a certain kind of people speaking up, and taking up the space!?? (I came to think about how it is in school; who are speaking up there? And who are allowed to speak up there? If the teacher can't manage the situation really good, an see so all are given space? And the same on work-places, with good or bad bosses!? Where all are given space, noone is favored etc.).

Yes, I react too on snobbishness!! Very much of some reason. When you visit exhibitions just because you "must"... Or the theater, opera, concerts for this purpose and not of genuine interest or passion... To have something to talk about...

But I am one of those that are working with culture, and I grew up in middle-class!! So I don' know maybe I belong to those Tangen writes about in the article you referred to??!! Looking down on the ones with, "in my eyes", "bad taste"?? Contemptuously?

But I had a leg in the lower classes through my maternal grand-parents and my relatives round them... But I am not sure I really understand them I have come to think...

But they in turn looked down on what I did?? (or had such a respect for it?? That it became a reverse reaction?) So I didn't speak about it at all with them? That important part of me had to be hidden! Including my school-achievements had to be hidden to, for them...

So did there exist a mutual understand? The Swedish actor Erland Josephson has written that one didn't think he could play a worker - what did he know about that life and their life? But there was no question about that actors coming from the working-class could play kings! He reacted against this... But then you wasn't allowed to say this high. He just had to accept this without questioning this.

And I can't say I like dance-band music!! And in my own music-executions I "prefer" "classical music"... But I am interested in other genres, and have tried them too, and have had to do hat too in my work...

Can there be a "snobbishness" in the other direction too? And are people in middle class evil people?

But I can think that the ones in "real" upper-class (with a lot of money) can have really "bad taste" too!!

And back to the election: no, I don't think it is a solution not to vote, but to make people think there is any idea, to try to influence... The parties have to change?? In themselves? And develop proper ideas for the future...

And, yes, what would happen IF all these that feel powerless voted?? If young people started to organize in political parties again... That would really be interesting!!

Maybe the society would change in a radically better way?? Or is this an illusion??

But in the bottom of all needs to sit on other people is - what?

And which expressions does this take?

The upper-class parents can treat their children with contempt, and forward contempt for other people. And the work-class parents also treat their children with contempt... And they too forward contempt for the upper class person??

And, yes, I was born in a middle-class family and I still belong to that class... And I work with music... Thus with culture, and fine-culture too...

Such people ought to keep quiet? And they shall not pretend to stand on the weak's side?? I don't know... If they do it is only of egoistic reasons? To gain own advantages or privileges??

Yes, it is really a problem that people don't vote, for the democracy!!

And I believe in a society here all are allowed to exist on similar conditions!!!

k sa...

PS. My portable computer's keys have to be pushed/pressed down properly it seems!! :-)Maybe I could do something about it, make them more sensitive??

They don't react on my speed and eagerness in writing! And I who ought to have sensitive fingers!!

Afterwards I see that letters are missing, as for instance "t" in "that"and "w" in "what" etc.!!! And s in "so"! Or "o" in so"!

And in all my eagerness I don't proof-read what have written!!! I simply don't have time - it feels!?

Is it a counter-reaction to all perfectionist-demands?? To somewhere not making everything so extremely perfect?

And on this blog everything isn't perfect!! I mix links of all kinds in the link-list to the left, and posts!! And publish photos which aren't perfect!!

And when I write I don't always check if I have chosen the right word or expression when I write in English!!! Which doesn't prevent feeling shame or being blushing red when I see or realize how and what I have written!!