måndag 3 september 2007

Air. J.S. Bach Bobby Mcferrin

A student today wanted to play Air by Bach, and asked how old Bach was when he wrote this piece. I didn't know. So I suggested he could look in a reference book. Or google on Bach. Or even google on Air by Bach directly.

Now when I came home I thought I should do that myself, for fun, and found this video on YouTube! Thought it was quite fun and nice!! Sang quite musically by Bobby Mcferrin!!? But this piece was originally written for strings (not for voice). But it is transcribed for different instruments and "settings"! I have played it on church-organ.

And I also wanted to try to at last blog with music!!! I succeeded!!

Enjoy this recording!

PS. Watch Mcferrin's home site!

PPS. Listen to Ave Maria too!!! On the first "Prelude in C major" from the first book of "Das wohltemperierte Klavier" with Gounod’s melody on top!!! More about Gounod.

And about Bobby Mcferrin's father Robert Mcferrin here. Which for a period was teacher in singing at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland!!

More interesting about Bobby Mcferrin here: he was a talented child, but very introvert and turned to he music as an outlet!??

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