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More about psychopaths...

I thought further after I had written the blogpost The enemy inside (and/or outside) us... After having read the articles I linked about psychopaths more properly and in the middle of work and writing other things.

What sort of people does right and liberal-parties draw to themselves? And what sort does left parties draw to themselves? What sorts do different parties attract?

What sort of traits is rewarded in society? What can this lead to, what’s legitimate for the moment?

What sort of models do we have and do we get, in media not least?

These wonders/questions and many more came for me when I read about psychopaths. This is a first trial to write about these things.

It stood in the “articles” about what characterizes psychopaths:

  • They have difficulties handling frustrations, lacks in the development of self
  • Tendency to impulsively and non-thoughtfully act needs and psychical tensions out
  • They are searching for excitement, and have difficulties to stand monotony/dullness and have needs for changes and need strong “sense-impressions” (perceptions??)
  • They are lacking ability to judge about the consequences of something they have done and to learn by mistakes
  • They are lacking ability for empathy and compassion
  • The conscience is underdeveloped; psychopaths don’t regret things they have done which would have given other people pangs of conscience (samvetskval!)
  • Psychopaths place the responsibility outside themselves; this denial of responsibility is seen as typical
  • They have a lust to lie and to dishonesty, the difference to ordinary people is that psychopaths are lying so easily with “fluent ability to speech”
  • They have high tolerance for stress (which is demanded in society, what one asks for!!! In the research about burn-out they have found that empathy is a risk-factor for being burn-out!!! Those who cares gets exhausted more easily!!! So don’t feel for anyone or anything!!! Observe the irony!)

Everything on long-term a psychopath is (totally) uninterested in. Their style is obtrusive.

Children who have got a lot of stimulation earliest in life never become psychopaths (what “stimulation” now means?? Can “stimulated” children develop other problems?).

There stood about the expression/phenomena impulse-control, where the narcissist generally has a good impulse-control while the psychopath has a bad. And that the lacking impulse-control means that the self more easily let different impulses through for to make the pressure of anxiety or of the impulses shall get smaller.

It also stood about lacking tolerance for anxiety, which means for the primitive defence-mechanisms which can’t bind or tie the anxiety up!!!??

It also stood about lacking sublimation-ability!! (what bullshit, I say as the one working with music!). Which means a reduced ability to transform drives-impulses to acceptable activities; for instance in the form of transforming problems to creative activities!! Of course all are glad for that!??

What “impulses” shall or has to be controlled I wonder (quite ironically)? Do these impulses come out of the blue? Or from where? What purpose do these wrong impulses serve?

What anxiety has to be bound up? As we need the defence-mechanism against to bind them up with. Yes, it stood about the individuation-process (from the mom), causing anxiety!! (this sounds really technical!!! But of course I have heard about these expressions in my education).

We are after all born with drives (negative, but for what purpose)?? If not with the devil or evil inside us – as one believed earlier, the devil or evil has been transformed via drives to impulses??? Drives to seduce a parent (which we still believe in, and the child easily resort to to protect itself against the truth)??

Impulses to – what?? To destruction, evilness?? And why these impulses?? For what purpose again? Actually! Has anyone a good explanation to This?

Are this nothing less than new ways to put the blame on the child?? Including on the child we were once (we also need to protect ourselves against our truths)??

And, yes, isn’t it this Miller calls the poisonous pedagogy (or the black pedagogy as it has been translated to Swedish, and what’s the actual translation of Schwartze pedagogy?)?

In the second article it stood for instance that: psychopaths doesn’t think especially much over future and doesn’t worry over it either. They don’t care considerably over how little they have brought about in their lives. A typical comment:

“You have to understand, I am a vagabond, a nomad – I hate to be forced to anything!”

Their attacks of anger are “cold”, they now perfectly well what they are doing. They can inflict serious physical and emotional harm, sometimes in a routine manner. In spite of this they have difficulties to admit to control their temper (September 8: what did I actually mean here?? :-) That hey should need to control their temper? My addition: but understand the urges, maybe very strong and maybe almost irresistible). They view their attacks of anger as natural responses on provocations.

It stood about a “psychopathic psychiatrist” in the second article which couldn’t stand the self-control which was demanded in his work and therefore was out often drinking. During these weekends he destroyed his rumour as physician and psychiatrist by humiliating, offending and even physically threatening women among his acquaintances.

Psychopaths often move from place to place, and from work-place to work-place in their search for something new, challenging and exciting. Some use drugs, in their search for kicks. Many commit crimes for the excitements sake.

They often get bored and have a continuing need for changes and new excitements in their existences, the have difficulties to stand routines and monotony in everyday life. They seldom devote themselves to something boring or to something that demands intense concentration during long periods!

One psychopath had said:

“My pain is constant and great and I don’t hope for a better world for anyone. In fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I don’t want anyone to escape!”

All are going to be drawn down!?? And from where does such revenge-feelings come I wonder? I had a short discussion with a friend about the phenomena that people vote for parties and policies they don't gain on themselves!! A self-destructiveness!? And they want to draw all else down in this, is a feeling (or wonder) I have got...

They also wrote about “socialized psychopaths” where they mentioned Errol Flynn. The Swedish historian Peter Englund about Errol Flynn. Very interesting!! But in Swedish. About him on Wikipedia. Also interestingI think.

Some are even speaking about successful psychopaths. And can go so far as seeing persons of this type as beneficial for society!! People who can a the same time ignore and screen off the societies rules, so they can pass boundaries and be creative talents in art, theatre, design etc. But they use and exploit people and leave destroyed careers behind them when these persons are floating through the society’s rules and norms in heir chase for way to express themselves.

And these types are being favored more than ever today?? The ones that can “lay hands on things”.

They also wrote about bosses that are psychopaths. And about a situation when these ruthless traits step forward is when companies are having problems and one employs a “solution-finder” which shall use “hard hands” and get the company on its feet again. In bad times psychopaths more often land in chief-positions.

And at last I want to link the readers' letter on Miller's web about a thought settlement with a therapist... From a client questioning the therapists methods and notions/ideas...

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