tisdag 18 september 2007

Different expressions of child abuse...

I am still wondering over phenomena in society...

Some are fleeing from any journey inside (by traveling, working hard etc. avoiding maybe all reflection), others have enormous needs to pour out their hate and frustration, and a third group need to "burst boundaries" (spränga gränser in Swedish) and there are probably more ways child abuse is expressed in the world...

Young people with a need to rebel; the early rock-movement, the 68-movement and so on? Was another expression?

I use to listen to book reviews every Tuesday morning. This morning they made a review over a book about hard-rock (its whole history and background "Hårdrock" av Rickard Jakbo på Lättlästförlaget, which I by the way got interested in)... About Lättlästförlaget/Easy to read in Swedish, in English.

I also came to think about the phenomena "Idol" here in Sweden, a sort of humiliation-TV... Exploiting young people... And their needs.. For what? And it can be justified with, I don't know;
"That's how life is! You are being judged everywhere, when you are seeking a job and here and there, and you have to compete..."
or I don't know... So you have to train it?? Or et used to it? Justified with such tings, while noone is really allowed to question these phenomena I feel... And I feel it isn't allowed at my work-place among my colleagues, but isn't this strange?? Couldn't one do it without moralizing? Because you are seen as a moralizer? So you just have to keep quiet!?

And first and foremost; it isn't quite legitimate to question such phenomena, if you do you haven't understood anything, and this is how life is, or?

Think if we as teachers should act like this jury!! How much the young person we deal with is living in the blue really!!! And how unrealistic his/her dreams and wishes even are... But who is to judge about what's realistic by the way?

And people are making money on people like these young people...

I was forced to watch this program a couple of times when I visited a cousin with a teenage daughter... And I really felt forced! I felt so bad seeing it... But maybe it is important you do, so you know what's going on and happening?

I also came to think about Dr Phil which I also have been forced to watch, but not freely watch... See earlier blogpost about him and the American woman reacting against him and even writing to him. I thought I remembered that he had said something in the style that you have to learn how the life is, i.e., in my interpretation that it's he individual that shall adapt to how it is! We shall niot really try to change how it is! Or question the state of affairs!! What he is doing is the same usual old
"It's for your own good! You have to learn! So you shall learn!"
Isn't it? And this is what so many of us are raised with, so we don't immediately see this through!?? We rather doubt our own senses and reactions and feelings confronted with these phenomena!? Maybe even more if it is an authority who utters them?? And maybe even more if this so called authority utters them quite authoritarian on top!?? As Dr Phil does??

And now I draw this a step further: strikes me that this is how it is in politics too, too many times; we see up to leaders with authoritarian manners!!??

Miller has written about gurus... See "Paths of Life" the chapter "Reflections" where she writes about "How does leaders and gurus function?" and "How is hate created?" (my translations from the Swedish edition)!!! Maybe I should reread these chapters!! It's timely in this time and era!!??

And at last; read the last interview with Naomi Klein. And also read this interview "A World Occupied By Profit: An Interview with Naomi Klein". In the last the interviewer for instance talks about:
"... rather these bold experiments in crisis exploitation..."
Yes, people's problems and crisis, whether in a personal or societal or global level are used and exploited!!?? Cynically and arrogantly!! And some crisis are created too... More or less consciously!?

They speak about how people's plight after Katrina (New Orleans) and the tsunami in South East Asia has been used and exploited recently, and the way this has been made. And it's the poor people that have lost most. Their situation is used!! Maybe in the name of that it has been done for their good?? So maybe they should even be grateful for what's happened?

And, yes, it is a world occupied with profit!! Why these limitless needs? Will the needs it is about ever be filled, how much power or wealth these harmed people even gets? And what do they create on their way forward in life, on all levels? For a lot of people? And what are we actually seeing in Iraq? I came to wonder after having read the last of the linked interviews with Klein...

Power abuse really!!?? But, if I understood it right, it wasn't quite so easy as they thought to reform Iraq?? They didn't succeed as easily as in Chile? But they haven't given their work up yet?? They will go on till they have disarmed the population entirely?? But I must add that I am extremely politically naive... Maybe I don't understand a thing about all this,more than on a moral level??

English word of today "bold" which means "fräck" here, as I translate it...

Addition: see this letter to Miller about Iraq and children and a reader thinking what's happening maybe is even worse than what happened in Vietnam...

And what Miller writes isn't really opportune today either... The pendulum has turned (or how one say?)? An expression of a Collective Denial, a counter-reaction, of the kind that Judith Herman writes about; where the issue trauma has been "outdated" during repeated periods during time??
Bra krönika av Åsa Lindeborg om "yttrandefrihet" och "yttrandefrihet". Ali Esbati kallar fenomenet Lars Vilks för ”Äldre män som bereds utrymme att spåra ur offentligt”!!! Det ligger något i det?

Och det där med Ewa Björling och fuskande; det är också skillnad på "fuskande" och "fuskande"??

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