fredag 14 september 2007

Information is shock resistance - arm yourself...

More about Naomi Klein, she wrote like this in Guardian:
"From Chile to China to Iraq, torture has been a silent partner in the global free-market crusade. Chile's coup featured three distinct forms of shock, a recipe that would re-emerge three decades later in Iraq. The shock of the coup prepared the ground for economic shock therapy; the shock of the torture chamber terrorized anyone thinking of standing in the way of the economic shocks.

But torture is more than a tool used to enforce unwanted policies on rebellious peoples; it is also a metaphor of the shock doctrine's underlying logic. Torture, or in CIA parlance, ”coercive interrogation”, is a set of techniques developed by scientists and designed to put prisoners into a state of deep disorientation /.../

The shock doctrine mimics this process precisely. The original disaster - the coup, the terrorist attack, the market meltdown - puts the entire population into a state of collective shock. The falling bombs, the bursts of terror, the pounding winds serve to soften up whole societies. Like the terrorised prisoner who gives up the names of comrades and renounces his faith, shocked societies often give up things they would otherwise fiercely protect."
See this film by Klein and Alfonse Cuarón.

Klein mean that "Information is shock resistance - arm yourself". People are held in constant stress and insecurity... Told that the catastrophe is near... Forced back to a child-state... Regressed!?

Came to think of a father resonating and behaving as the family lived on the ruin's edge... The truth was that family wasn't?? Had it fairly well? But I think this father really believed what he passed forward. Was this about his early story of an insecurity which matched this feeling and made it real maybe his life out? And held the family in stress and insecurity? The children frightened and quiet and small (i.e. not taking space, being almost invisible, in a way, and in other ways not), and less demanding??

Jenson and Bosch writes about the childhood state, and their therapy is about regression, yes... The problematic with that state is that you land in a position where you feel power and helpless... But this state is usually about passed events that are triggered... And can be misused, by scrupulous... The person in this state can easily be manipulated. But a person aware of this phenomena can protect her/himself!?

Maybe I develop these thoughts more later...

Some evening thoughts...
Addition: I believe that the less harmed (with less to defend, control and hold down) can unmask or see manipulation through more easily. Wherever it occurs. Even on a societal and political level!?

The more harmed are more easily manipulated? But the power isn't interested in a people which sees, hears, senses, perceives things? Strict discipline as early as possible therefore lies in its interest? And that's what's legitimate today here??

What can one then do, on a personal level? Try to know oneself better and better??! Try to (and dare to??) do a trip into oneself? With care and respect… Not forcing oneself either, but do the work stepwise and on ones own terms? Help, does this sound very pretentious?

"Contempt for the little human being" in us and in others and not least in children ...

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