torsdag 17 maj 2007

Trollkarlen/the magician...

Kan inte motstå frestelsen att lägga in bilder!
Var på föreställning för barn med en trollkarl igår!!

Tog också kort på ett träd som var skyddat av Naturvårdsverket. Alltså ett ganska gammalt träd??
Nu åker jag på Kristi himmelsfärdslov med böcker och noter, för riktigt ledigt blir det inte eftersom detta oftast är en hektisk tid för oss med konserter och avslutningar. Så jag behöver öva ganska rejält.
Kommer att ta med mig Kirkengens två böcker och skriver kanske inlägg om vad jag läser där.
From a show for children with a magician. And a picture of a very old tree, pine it looks, protected by the "Naturvårdsverket" here! Both taken yesterday. I wonder if it is something special with a very old pine? Because it didn't look old!? Or was it because it is a special sort of pine? That doesn't exist here usually? I have a friend though which is hortonomist, maybe she knows? :)
Now I go for Ascension vacation with note-books and Kirkengen's books. Maybe I will write posts about what I read in these books during the vacation or after it...
And I will certainly take walks in the woods. With poles! As we do here! We are a bit odd? :)
In work it is a hectic time now, with concerts etc. and I really need to practise...
In February we did a DVD-recording with a group which I am one of the responsible for (the DVD isn't made for commercial selling though, but filmed by professional filmers) and this group is going to have their finishing concert on Wednesday May 23 in a church 20 km from this town and hopefully get the DVD then!
They play classical music, jazz and musical sometimes and of course folk-music (Swedish and European, and Kletzmer)... Since a couple of years they also have a group playing afro-music which I think they also like, so this education is fairly broad!
I don't translate the Swedish text entirely... Sometimes I add more in the English text than I have written in the Swedish and sometimes vice versa...
There is so much I want to share about this country and will probably do later on... I hope the links are of interest!
That this small country in the north of Europe (Scandinavia) have so much between it's boarders... We have been a fairly rich country - so far... With a fairly rich culture (folk-culture if nothing else)...
Oh no, I have to go now... I write more and more an more, because it's so fun! Eagerly...
The English word of today "magician" which is trollkarl in Swedish.

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