måndag 28 maj 2007

Inskrivet i kroppen/Inscribed in the body...

Artikel i "Tidskrift for Den norske legeforening" av Anna Luise Kirkengen: "Innskrevet i kroppen".
Article by Kirkengen herself about her findings.
Addition at 20.30:

Kirkengen writes in the chapter

”Discussion – violation of boundaries” ("Diskusjon – Grensekrenkelser" in the article) in the referred article, that on background of her interviews with sexually abused human beings she dare to maintain (hävda in Swedish) that violations of the bodily, psychological, sexual and social integrity all represents devastating experiences. Her study gives a ground to maintain that to arrange these violations according to their devastating effect is of subordinate (underordnad in Swedish) meaning seen from the experience-perspective. It is the violation of boundaries itself that is the central thing. To be made light, looked down upon, despised (ringaktad in Swedish) is what causes harm – my conclusion and comment. And which have harmful affects; on health, the whole life, ones self-respect...

And the ACE-study reveals the long-term effects on health. A study on 18, 000 grown up people with an average of 58 years, coming from middle-class! Thus not the lowest classes either!!

And it is shown that the earlier these violations are “committed” makes the violated and abused extra exposed for new violations later in life. As if the boundaries have been made more brittle, fragile, and easier to look down upon and easier to step over! So abusing and violating a child, especially by a care-giver (a grown up standing near, and mostly the ones standing nearest), is to play the child in later abusers and violators hands! By showing disrespect for the child’s emotional, physical and sexual integrity… And one can’t really rank those violations if I understood Kirkengen right (see above). They are all bad and causes harm. And they often exist together all of them more or less but in different degrees, but all are harmful.

It is of utter importance to show the child (even the newborn, and the fetus already) the deepest respect! For its feelings, reactions, needs, boundaries and integrity etc.

There is much more to add, and I will probably come back to that. Spontaneously writing... But that's my style? :-) (and this is after all my blog, so...).

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