tisdag 22 maj 2007

The status of my work...

A short snap-shot when lunch is on the stove (or is the proper word "cooker"?? :))... I got an email from a friend this morning and it awoke thoughts...

About the status of our work - this topic has come back on this work-place... That we are seriously and professionally working, and have a fairly solid education...

We have felt, and still feels, as the staus isn't that high... Yes, how is it in fact appreciated?

So many of us have to prove it? :)

And why have I chosen this work, with this status and chosen a work which is moderately well paid?

And we work with this because it is so fun!!?? So what about being paid for it always... At least it is so here?

Additon: what activities in society are valued? And which are less valued? Which persons are valued and who is less valued? What is worth something and what is less worth? What is important and what is less important?

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