tisdag 29 maj 2007

In case anyone run out of things to read...

In the middle of practicing piano:
Bob sent this in case I run out of something to read and write about :-). Things on the same topic as the last blog-posts about Kirkengen and Getz!? I haven't read them yet, but will. Thank you for the tip, Bob!! :-)
"I found this report, by Dr. Cathy Zimmerman, of the The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, which also speaks of the medical consequences of sexual abuse, and thought you might find it interesting.
I found the pointer to that report in this powerful article.
In it the author mentions:
And those children quickly learn that the ultimate betrayal of their trust doesn't much matter to the rest of us.'


Addition at 17.58: Now I have read the first essay (no, it was the second I had read!!)… Yes, it was very powerful, and it boiled under the surface in the man writing it!? yes, I recommend a reading. Something came for me: ”The Holy Family”!!?? Absolutely forbidden to break up the family unit!?

Quotation from the essay:

“This in-your-face hypocrisy is the real message of the law. The perpetrators quickly realize that they have been granted a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card… so long as they have the good taste to sexually abuse only their children.”

Adults other than the parents that sexually abuse children are harsher punished…

Our new government consists of four parties of which the Christ Democrats are holding the family very high!!! Yes, very hypocritically I think. And probably got voters on that… Even if this party still is fairly small (I wouldn't miss it at all if it disappeared!!!)… And I think there has blown neo-conservative winds here… No, I don’t like this… Shouts for “harder grips” have been raised. If harder grips should be needed and necessary why are they needed? Out of the blue? Is the solution to be tougher, harder etc.? What does that learn young people instead?


Wednesday May 30, at 17.29: Changing the title again!! Thank you again, Bob, for this tip! :-) I wanted to forward it, hope that's ok?

But the risk I wouldn't have anything to read is minimal :-) which I think you know!?? On the contrary, I have a lot here to read still... Phew!

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