onsdag 23 maj 2007

300 years since Carl von Linné was born…

Today it is 300 years since Carl von Linné was born. He was one of the most famous professors of the University of Uppsala (this University lies in the county of Uppland or actually Uppsala nowadays). Married to Sara Lisa Moreus (or actually Sara Elisabeth Morea) from Falun, Dalarna.

At Sveden a farm outside Falun lies the cottage where they got married; the “wedding-cottage” (bröllopsstugan) belonging to the World Heritage of Falun, Dalarna (containing the surroundings of the 1000-year old copper-mine of Falun).

Sara Lisa was evidently a fairly gruff woman; she had the entire responsibility for the house-hold and the children and "needed" to rule the household with “strong hands”.

Linné himself was kinder to their children. Once when their youngest daughter had crushed a heap of porcelain when the mother Sara Lisa was in town (Uppsala) the daughter came crying to her father, frightened for her mothers reaction. Linné radically crushed the rest of the porcelain and declared to his wife when she returned home that he was tired of this porcelain!

About Linnés wedding-cottage (I was here on a riding-camp with one of my brothers when I was 13 and there is still a riding-school there): here.

And this year it is also100 years since Astrid Lindgren was born, in Småland she too, as Linné! The Swedish site is worth a visit because of its drawings of Astrid Lindgren's figures: Pippi, Emil etc. Click on the list to the left! :)

"Linne on line".
About the Swedish counties, where Uppland (actually Uppsala), Dalarna and Småland lies here. .

English word of today "gruff" which means "barsk" eller "sträv" in Swedish.

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