söndag 20 maj 2007

Ronia and Birk-wood?

Oh, what a cute dog…

Either he runs in front of me or here and there in the wood.

A soft light green mat of blueberry-wires… In an almost a bit impressionistic picture! If the summer turns out well there will be a lot of berries to pick this autumn.
And is this a Ronia and Birk-wood? (“Ronia the Robber’s daughter” by Astrid Lindgren).
Or for us Swedes “Putte I blåbärsskogen”!

And struck me when a bird suddenly lifted when we came walking in the wood that it isn’t allowed to let dogs run freely in the wood now in the spring, because of all wild animals kids….

On Wednesday when I saw the magician, there suddenly came two small blend-white Westies strolling in the middle of all children and grown up people outside on the lawn and between garden furnitures, so very cute. I tried to photograph them, but they didn’t want to stand still, :)so these photos became even more blurred then usual!! I got the great honor to scratch one of them. Oh, they were so cute they too! Came to think of another Westie that is so cute, Ajax.

Fire-wood my two brothers have chopped, still lying in a heap to dry… Earlier years they say it has been more wood…

Have added pictures from a fire-wood heated sauna in the blog “Walk and Sauna Bath…”

I wrote this blog-post on a portable computer and saved it on a USB-memory. Now I saw I had to edit it; it was a bit difficult to write on that computer, I dropped words and things like that!! I am probably a too eager writer!? Eager and very impatient`? :)

English word of today "blueberry-wires" which means blåbärsris in Swedish. I think!! :)
I must admit that I don't have the patience always to check in my dictionary the proper translations of words... Or the spelling either for that matter...

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