torsdag 31 maj 2007

Lunch concert at the museum...

Lunch concert at the museum with distribution of 19 scholarships... There are so many nice and fun things on this museum...

Old wall papers, painted by artists in these parts of the country. Site with old paintings and buildings from the middle parts of Sweden.

And an old automobile...

Wooden horses...And a newly awaken young man who came without having even eaten breakfast but played fairly nice nevertheless!! He played Libellentanz by Oscar Rieding on violin, and got one of the bigger scholarships...The Nobel-prize winning Swedish author Selma Largerlöf lived in this town for a while and the museum has her library. Dark in the style of that time!! The portrait on this site about Selma Lagerlöf is painted by the Swedish painter Carl Larsson! And this portrait hang on one of the walls here! In original? Or?

But her real home and the place where she was born was Mårbacka in Värmland.
After the concert we ate lunch and relaxed for a while... Nice. It's a soft rain, so one need to sit huddled up with lit candles!

The museum is very nice! Really! I want to give an image at least of this milieu!!! A bit impressionistic pictures taken with my cell phone camera... :-)

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