tisdag 15 maj 2007

Gammelstads kyrkstad (Luleå) Vuollerim 6000 years, Dalhalla...

Have added links to different places that I like in this country... For instance the church-town of old Luleå in the north, which I visited in August last year...

My ancestors on mom's side comes from this part of the country. An enormous family with over 1000 members, to a couple that was born 1856.

Here a picture from the open-air museum Hägnan in Gammelstad, taken with my cellphone-camera... The poor people lived in these houses. The houses were gathered in a square, with a yard in the middle.

Another link, to Vuollerim 6000 years, is to
"an archaeological open-air museum illustrating the early prehistory of Lapland; the Stone Age".
All links I have added have sites in English too or goes directly to the English site.

Dalhalla is a music-arena with a site that is worth visiting... And the arena is worth visiting in real life too...

English word of today "open-air museum" which is friluftsmuseum in Swedish.

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