tisdag 22 maj 2007

Limitless capacity?

In the middle of the lunch I just had to write more:

Our director of studies said yesterday on our first meeting that we must consider that some students have a capacity which allows them to do much more than others, apropos a certain student… I got angry and reacted.

Came to think now about my enormous diligence writing blog-posts… And all I have achieved on a little more than a week… I feel very ambivalent to this…

Because this has caused me things, difficult things… And I guess people around can use these clever people… Misuse them and rely on them… (and the one being asked maybe also gets flattered being asked, because of low self-esteem, which is very sad and sometimes even tragic I would say frankly).

Mom actually pointed this out to me when I showed her my blog and what a blog is and what one can do with it; how one can link sites etc. And she got astonished I had been able to do so much!! (but she doesn't use comnputers at all). She pointed something out to me I think, wich I didn’t really realize either!??

No human living being has a limitless capacity… No matter the age or anything…

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