lördag 19 maj 2007

John Bauer-wood?

A John Bauer-wood? Or?

Rhubarb-pie this afternoon, to the afternoon tea, with whipped cream. On rhubarb directly from the garden. Delicious! :)

John Bauer-site.

It was problematic to link sites on this computer!!

Recipe on rhubarb-pie – made in 15 red minutes!? (for me everything goes very fast and effectively).

2 dl wheat-flour
a little less than 0, 5 dl sugar (2-3 spoonfuls)
75 g butter or margarine

Work this together with the fingertips or with a fork.
Cut the rhubarb in cm-pieces and put in an oven-proof form.
Sprinkle (?) 0, 5 dl sugar and maybe a spoonful potato flour on the rhubarb in the form. Put the dough (grainy) over.

Bake in a 225 Celsius degree warm oven circa 25 minutes.
Serve with whipped cream.

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