söndag 20 maj 2007

Money, money, money...

Am sitting here practising… Should need to be able to focus more I think though…

Practising for the concert at Wednesday in a church with the group I am one of the responsible for. Oh, I wish I could blog with music too!! Maybe I could with Youtube? Am now while writing listening to a fantastic new hymn from our last hymn-book here “Psalmer i 2000-talet”, with words that say something like “what sort of time are we living in?” ("psalm 827" for Swedes who are interested). The music is fantastic too I think.

But I don’t listen to music especially much. Which maybe sounds strange for people? But I think this phenomenon is quite common among us who work with music! As if one need to rest ones ears! I like the silence, or nature’s sounds… Wind blowing, rain raining, birds…

And I am also practising an arrangement now for strings and piano on ABBA’s “Money, money, money…” Music I also likes in fact. And I wondered about the text. Have the note-book “Mamma Mia the musical built on music by ABBA” in Swedish. A musical that is going to be film with for instance Meryl Steep in one of the roles!

The text is something in the style:

I work all night I work all day and the bills I manage. It’s hard! I pinch and screw and save money, but despite this I have nothing left… I have a dream that shall come true… To find a wealthy/rich man... (though not my highest dream!! :))

Now another hour at the piano! I miss the Grotrian Steinway-piano I have been practising now on during the vacation. Am living in an apartment with neighbours around and can’t use my Grand (Malmsjö), but have to practise on my digital-piano, which isn’t as fun as on a real acoustic piano!

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