lördag 26 maj 2007

Playing kubb and the cat in the tree...

After food and TV some went out to play an old game that has become popular here the last years, called "kubb", coming from the isle Gotland, which belongs to Sweden... Yes, this game was played back by the vikings on Gotland already! But has roots in Scotland too? (The site linked to above is in Swedish, but on this site it was in turn a link to the British Kubb Players association! And to a German site as well!! So it was a game spread over many parts of Europe?).

The cousins and very good friends against the two fathers!! Unfortunately (!!??) I think the fathers won most of the games! But I wonder if the fathers, at least one of them, were cheating a bit!? :-) And they seemed to have invented new rules – to make it more difficult or?

Suddenly I saw something red in a blooming tree above their heads – the cat Putte!! He had fled there from two rowdy and noisy dogs!! I can well understand him!!!

And the smallest dog, who though is the one over in rank, wanted to join me when I should go home, so he was a bit tired too!?

Additon: Maybe I should enlighten my two brothers in law about the rules in kubb!! Now I found them at the site linked to above!!! :-)
Rules are extremely important! Or??? :-)

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