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The need for freedom and liberty, diligent like a beaver...

traces from the diligent beavers rampaging here, photo taken one year ago

[Updated November 19]. Thinking further on neoliberalism and liberty… On neoliberals… Read a comment, by a neoliberal on a blog (to a blogpost that triggered the blogpost on "Biologism"), that really made me think (the commentator no 8 here). Because to me there is something that isn’t really “sound” in these ideas… Or at least I wonder over them… Provoked these thoughts. Need to try to sort things out.

What is the "natural state" actually (as this person mentions)?? Who of us knows that in fact?? Only a few have these experiences, so they maybe know what is "natural" and what a truly "natural state" is?? And what our true, "natural" self is?? Or should have been?

What sort of liberty/freedom do we actually need? Should we actually need? Would be a mature/adult need? Can we exist totally independently of any other human being? Are we on the contrary totally dependent, I don' think we are as grown ups; we have choices and options, even it doesn't feels so, and even if the feeling of dependency is very real and strong, unless we aren't sick, paralyzed of a disease, in the hands of the cruelest of the cruel with no opportunity to escape or something like that...

It stands in Jenson’s book about when we behave as if we can’t do anything of our own force or the opposite when we try to behave as if we don’t need any help at all, we behave either exaggeratedly dependent or as if we had no dependence-needs at all. And both these behaviors are signs of that there’s something lying behind them. Originating in something early. I suffer from both these sides? But maybe more the one looking seemingly independent?? Managing things on my own?? But also raising overprotection-sides in others; the girlish (non-threatening!?)… Despite my age, phew!!

Bosch and Jenson means that only changing ones behaviors isn’t enough for healing or cure. Even if it can feel relieving in the short run… The change is only on the surface!? And yes, I think it so! Sooner or less you realize that fairly little has happened!? You still have all these problematic feelings, and maybe they are even added because of a raised awareness, as you after all perhaps have achieved!? So now your self-condemnation has grown too!!

And Miller actually also writes about this; that no deeper change will occur. Forcing feelings/emotions on oneself one doesn’t truly have. Once again see what she for instance writes here.

Jenson and Bosch thinks that early, painful childhood experiences wasn’t possible for the small child to process on its own and that our unconscious has the task of, for instance, preventing us from becoming fully aware of these experiences' full effect. Realize that it wasn’t our fault, realizing that the most important figures in our lives on whom we were totally dependent and totally handed out to, didn’t know what we actually needed. The degree of their insensitiveness. The full truth of it and all its implications.

They mean that it isn’t possible to control those feelings or reactions… But of course we are responsible for what we say or do how harmed we even are! And for doing something about these things... The more the more problems they cause?? But this is problematic as it seems as the ones that should need it most don't do this?? Denying their problems and responsibility? What do we do about this? How do we handle this? Shall we "handle" this and when? When not?

And they also mean that we as adults have problems as a consequence of the defences we needed then to survive the violations we were exposed to in our families – not because we have developed a disease. The behaviors which it is about now, in our adult lives, are part of these old defences… And they still have that function of protecting us, but now we could survive the truth, with appropriate help/support… And insight isn’t enough, but the first step… It is ONLY the first step!?? But better than nothing??

And I am certainly diligent like a beaver!??

PS. I have updated the blogpost "The vulnerable human being" in the end... I think these posts belong together!!

And also see this leader in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet... There it stand that the social perspective has been replaced by a narrow "usefulness-moral" (nyttomoral). The social care, once colored by the charity-ideology, has been changed to supervising control, spatial segregation and disciplining of the ones that doesn't correspond to the norms!!!!

And the leader-writer also writes that our prime-minister isn't interested in culture (I agree!!!! As our foreign minister Carl Bildt!!! They don't seem to have anything creative or artistic in them at all!!) and the leader for the liberal party(folkpartiet) won't be borne in mind for reading poems but rather for his "könsord" (I wonder what the English word for this is, but it is about sex!! :-))... He writes about the arrogance from the ones in power - in many parts of Europe...

Addition November 19: See this Liberian utopia and here. I have only skimmed it, but can they really live entirely independent from the environment? Can they produce everything on their own ice-land? And for how long does a society like this hold together?? Strange phenomena in the world??? How could one see this from a psychological view?

Now blowing my hair and taking a walk before lunch... The sun is shining!!

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