torsdag 29 november 2007


A lot of snow today! Here two pictures taken from outside my window at work today.

And like this it is to play when one is six years and have played only eleven lessons, here playing "Echo"! See below! With pedal and everything! If it is echo it is you know! Then one must use pedal and play over the whole piano!

I am going to do a video-recording with a pupil, not five yet, next Friday I think! For the web perhaps, if the recording is successful. Or actually it is a colleague who is going to film how we work. Very exciting for the small girl I think!!

Oh, they are so cute!

Addition later in the evening: a bit ironically; maybe I should start to use my power as teacher and learn all those small, and older, kids what hard work is!? Think how that would be... If you saw them in real life, struggling to manage all fingers, keys, rhythms... Then you can't think in those paths...

And for the ones who have come to the stage or position we are has certainly meant a lot of work. And to continue working means more work...

And think if I should label these small children as this and that... Very silently...

For Swedes: see this...

Kolla denna vintersida!!
Hurra för vintern!
Nej, se det snöar!
Nej se det snöar, nej se det snöar, det var väl roligt. Hurra!
Nu blir det vinter, nu blir det vinter, som vi ha önskat. Hurra!
Då ta vi kälkarna fram och vantarna på.
Och sen i backen vi åka, hej vad det ska gå!

Och fram med skidan och fram med skidan, och sen på backarna opp.
Vi stå på näsan, vi stå på näsan ibland när vi gör ett hopp.
men inte lipar vi, nej, det gör ingenting
om man i drivan den mjuka ett tag rullar kring.

Och isen ligger, och isen ligger liksom en spegel så klar,
och snabbt som vinden, och snabbt som vinden på skridsko fram vi då far.
Vi sätta rovor ibland och slå ytterskär.
Hurra för vintern, för vintern, som äntligt är här!

Felix Körling

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