söndag 18 november 2007

Obey and keep quiet....

the strip from Dilbert's site.

Arthur Silber:

“The wish for unquestioning, unresisting obedience is coming true in America, more and more each day.”

Yes, things seem to turn this way here too?? Everywhere in society and globally???

From new politics concerning school here to elsewhere in society…

A backlash really!! Neo-authoritarian, neoconservative ideas: obey and keep quiet!! Don’t question any state of affairs! And when and where shall children and young people learn democracy? And how?

Also see (for instance) what is written at psycho-history-list on “George W. Bush’s projection and dislocation of self”:

“As I assume many other psychohistorians have been doing, and in the light of this most recent act of fatality committed in Iraq with the ‘execution’ of Saddam Hussein, I have been fantasizing about the most likely psychological processes involved in GWB's persona.

It seems to me that GWB's concept of ‘life’ is a dependent relationship, i.e., we humans can NOT function (‘on this earth’) without God deciding things for us. GWB has often mentioned that he is a ‘born again Christian’ and that he ‘would not have been able’ to ‘overcome my troubles’ without ‘the Good Lord's intercession and guidance. (‘Good Lord’, as opposed to Bad Lord (‘Daddy’), I presume.)

As I absorbed the news of the execut
ion of Saddam Hussein, I fantasized that GWB's concept of ‘democratizing Iraq’ was also a manifestation of his ‘dependent’ persona. i.e., The Iraqis could NOT democratize themselves ‘Unless I intercede’ (most likely in ‘God's name’) to ‘help’ the Iraqis in their struggle for democracy, just as ‘God’ had interceded in GWB's ‘life
struggle.’ It is my guess that GWB has either projected his life-struggle, or dislocated it, ‘onto’ the Iraqi people; the Katrina victims; the worldwide AIDS victims; etc.

GWB is a ‘record-holding’ Executioner-as-Governor. He ‘approved’ a record-number of executions in the Sta
te of Texas. It is still a State of Texas AND ‘nation-wide’ record. GWB recently announced to the national press that he was ‘absolutely certain’ that all of the 270-plus prisoners whom he had executed as Governor ‘were one hundred percent guilty.’ GWB is the self-proclaimed ‘Decider’ as well as the ‘well-established’ Executioner. Almost sounds like God, doesn't it?"
Talk about playing out ones unprocessed things!!?? And doing that in such a scale...

See this posting about "Leaders" and backward psycho-classes, why
"...the more defended psychoclasses tend to lead"
(but psycho historians are still very psychoanalysis influenced?? It feels so...).

These people in power need power, need to exercise power!? They need to avoid ever again feeling how power- and helpless they once were? Pushing this away as much as they possibly can. See what Bosch writes about the defence False Power... She means that people with this defence (the ones that usually are more prone to use this defence are men, but it's important to be aware women also can use it) are less prone to seek help i.e., to want to process these things... They act this out instead, with all the following consequences of this... See Pincus on "Hitler and Hatred" again:

“Every corner of the globe has torturers in some positions of authority: the police who beat and maimed a Haitian immigrant in New York City; the former testicle-crushing dictators of Central and South-America; Milosevic and his tyrannical rule in Serbia; Stalin; Saddam Hussein – the list goes on and on. From where does this hatred and violence come? Is it possible that the violence that is expressed politically, ethnically, racially, and religiously shares common determinants with the violence committed in an urban parking lot? [a case Pincus had referred to earlier where a pregnant woman that kidnapped when she came out from the supermarket with groceries, was raped and murdered brutally] I think it is likely that ostensible political and criminal violence spring from a similar source.

The most uncontrolled and far-reaching expression of hatred in the twentieth century has been that of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. I have always wondered what sort of person could perpetrate crimes against innocent men, women, and children in concentration camps; poison gas, burning, starvation, death marches, unrelenting forced labor, beating, sexual abuse, lethal medical “experiments”. Who could order such things? Who could carry out such orders, or even torture these victims autonomously?

Goldhagen, in his book "Hitler’s Willing Executioners", emphasizes the large numbers of ordinary Germans who actually participated in the Holocaust, by killing, torturing, and maiming Jews. He estimates that as many as 500,000 Germans were active perpetrators of murder. This is a large number, but in a country of sixty million why did some participate in the killing while the majority did not? [But why didn’t all these others intervene? What are the roots to that?] One possible answer might be that many of these killers could have been raised in hatred-filled and abusive households. Anti-Semitism may have been imbued with the mother’s milk, along with wife and child beating and other intrafamilial violence. I envision members of the death squads as young men who had been raised in lower-middle-class homes by brutish parents and whose fathers returned home from work drunk, beat their wives and children, fell into bed in stupor, and repeated this same sequence the next day. I would speculate that the murderers had themselves been abused, and their willingness to murder derived from this and the anti-Semitism of their environment. Societal approval of anti-Semitism and governmental approval of murder lifted the lid on the abuse-engendered impulse of the offenders. This theory has grown out of my research. It explains why the ordinary Germans who were not neurogically or mentally impaired carried out the urge to murder Jews under the Nazis. Many perpetrators, such as brutal concentration camp guards, could also have had neurologic or mental illnesses that augmented the viciousness of their behaviors once the societal lid that controls murder had been removed by the government so far as the Jews were concerned /.../

What if Trent had heard a political leader say 'Women are our misfortune!' just as Hitler said 'The Jews are our misfortune!' A public condemnation of women and homosexuals as the hereditary carriers of social pathology would have dignified Trent's suffering and provided a social outlet for his hatred.

What if a Hitler-like political leader said that women make men work and then they steal the wealth that men amass, that they create pornography, transmit infectious diseases, are weak, subhuman, and defective? Hitler said this of the Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals. Such a message would probably have been as welcome to Trent as Hitler's was to many Germans.

What if Trent were released from prison and told that he had a glorious role to play in saving civilization and in creating a new and just society? That he, miserable Trent Scaggs, would be a leader in the elimination of women and homosexual? Imagine how Trent might behave if he were put in command of a camp in which these 'subhuman species' were concentrated, where he would be able to beat, rape, torture, maim, and murder as he wishes, his actions being condoned as ridding society and the world from the problems caused by females and homosexuals.

Is there some common element between the case of Trent Scaggs and the rise of the Nazis under Hitler? I have little data with which to answer that question, but the insight I have gained from my work with criminals suggests that Adolf Hitler and Trent Scaggs had a lot in common /.../

Like Trent Scaggs, who was paranoid and neurologically damaged, there is evidence that Hitler suffered from mental illness with paranoia. He had tremendous mood swings and was said to fly into rages and tirades on slight provocation. A contradiction, a criticism, or a doubt concerning the wisdom of something he had said or done, the anticipation of opposition, or a challenge only by implication might trigger an uncontrolled display of anger /.../

Is it not possible that there is a relationship between violence in the home and terrorism? Those in any society who support or participate in murder and terrorist acts have the 'respectability' of being violent for political or religious reasons, but the triad (child abuse, brain injury, and paranoia) does not know political, ethnic, or religious boundaries and could find its outlet in a 'worthy case'.

In a society that permits or encourages the stigmatization of a group or people, mental illness and or brain damage may not be necessary to produce homicidal violence. The violent impulses generated by abuse could be expressed by medically normal abused individuals in a sick society.

The unrestrained approval of violence in certain political parties and gangs may make such groups attractive to the abused. Although whether we have very little information about the family dynamics of the members of terrorist organizations. I believe that the history of physical and sexual abuse, and even mental illness, paranoia, and brain damage, is prevalent among them. If a society (defined as a country, political party, or a group) removed the demand that its members behave in a nonviolent manner toward its enemies, brain damage and mental illness would not be necessary to unleash the impulses to violence that were engendered by early abuse, if society says 'You are now free to rape, torture, and kill our enemies,' the abused may respond with enthusiasm. Not every American soldier in Vietnam committed atrocities, nor did every German in World War II, not every Arab in the PLO. What is the difference between the violent and nonviolent members of such societies? I would postulate that early childhood abuse distinguishes perpetrators from nonperpetrators.

In a sociological study of members of racist organizations in the United States, obtained at no little personal risk, Raphael Ezekiel pointed out a number of features in the backgrounds of members of hate groups that are reminiscent of the life of the very violent offenders I have evaluated. Most of Ezekiel's subjects had lost a parent by age seven, usually the father,. Stepfathers and the mother's boyfriends were typically described as cold, rough, and abusive. Connections with family outside the nuclear group were frail, and there was little parenting in depth through an extended family. Church and social agencies (other than police) played little or no modulating role in the families, and ties between sibling were minimal. Schooling was interrupted, with early truancy and dropouts prevalent.

Ezekiel write, 'A few members spoke spontaneously of paternal alcoholism and violence... I think that a lot was held back from me. [Some] members reported alcoholism...family violence, [and] serving time at detention centers, jails, or prisons. I am fairly sure...that there was a good deal more penal time than this. Several had been farmed out to foster homes during childhood. Alcoholism, violence, mental illness, paranoia, school failure, and medical/neurologic problems run through Ezekiel's entire account, suggestively reminiscent of the factors I have encountered in violent offenders.

The concept that violent impulses are engendered by the experiences of abuse and allowed expression in those abused individuals who also have endogenous neurologic and psychiatric vulnerability has very important implications for the reduction or prevention of violence. Effort directed at mitigating any one of the interacting factors that cause violence would be likely to have a major impact. The most effective action and possibly the easiest to accomplish, though, would be the prevention of child abuse through social and educational program. A major step in the primary prevention of violent crime can probably be achieved by a national effort to reduce or eliminate all use of corporal punishment by parents and teachers."
I have skimmed the new book about Stalin written by Simon Sebag Montefiore... Stalin seemed to have lacked feelings of compassion and empathy entirely!!

Therapists shut their eyes to this? As so ma
ny others...

Yes, as Miller writes, men and women with power are like Abraham sacrificing their sons (and daughters) on their parents altars!!!?? The more (most???) defended are the ones that takes the lead?? They need this power?? And they are so insensitive so it's like "pouring water on a duck's back"!!?? Thus they manage "everything"?? So thick-skinned!? They are sleeping calmly at night?? (but in long-term? What are the consequences for them?? Maybe on a more personal level!?)

Just some quiet thoughts...

And see what this female politicians writes about the (many times) different conditions for men and women in power-positions... In the article "Where are the feminists when it is blowing?" (in Swedish). Men are protected (except for in cases like this (in Swedish): how differently even male politicians are treated!! And ones again about our current arrogant foreign-minister Carl Bildt (English text) - ugh for him!!!! *) He doesn't behave like a grown up man really!!?? Not in my eyes! Behaves like a child in the sand-pit, with a tired laugh! :-)), but women not... She is right, so it has been here in Sweden,with all scandals around politicians!!?? Why is that??*) on the site linked it stood about "State-building for Peace"! My strong feeling: What bullshit!!! He is only thinking of himself!!! This is only rhetorical!!! No real substance in, because does he know what genuine empathy is about?? I don't think he does, that's my feeling...

PS. About the markets power, and angry reactions on that *) (a blogpost written by a young Chilean living in Sweden in Swedish)... How human tragedy, trouble, distress is exploited and used. It has been an earthquake in Chile, 7, 7 on the Richter-scale, which is used to earn money, the prices on the most important necessities of life
(on for instance water, bread, batteries) has risen!! People are handed out to forces which don't see a human being as a human being but as a customer. Respect for life what is that? And what is compassion, empathy - genuine such!!? What sort of lives do these people live (exploiting people, the nature etc.)? Empty and lonely lives?? Once again: the Swedish journalist Helle Klein wrote about today's loneliness in society at Christmas 2006 (Christmas is horror to many!!?? I can well understand this!! Then hypocrisy plays its... Hypocrisy triumphs). By the way, Bosch (and Jenson) writes about feelings of loneliness... But these feelings (many are actually childhood feelings) are used!!?? And misused!? Played on!? Playing on people's unfilled childhood needs...

Further: see another chronicle by Klein, about consumerisms and giving culture a space/place (also only in Swedish) when one is making societal plans... Building new shopping-centra as in this case...
"Marknadsanpassade priser?

ChileSkapad av Vladde 2007-11-15 21:01

Stor jordbävning har drabbat de norra delarna av Chile, 7,7 på richterskalan. Folk var oroliga för efterskalv. Inga rapporter om detta har dock än kommit.

Naturkatastrofer är bland det hemskaste man kan råka ut för. Ingen kan förbereda sig emot dem. Man kan ha en plan för att, då krisen är ett faktum, agera på ett sätt som minskar de mänskliga tragedierna.

I Chile, marknadsliberalernas paradis, sker saker som inte längre förvånar mig. När allt marknadsanpassas så är en sådan här katastrof BRA för marknaden. Det finns pengar att tjäna på det! Jag ska förklara varför.

Jordbävningar har en förmåga att förstöra infrastruktur. Vägar, hus, elektricitet, vatten, allt det brukar slåss ut. Så även denna gång.

I en av de mest drabbade områden säger de fattiga människorna att varorna, så som vatten, bröd och batterier fått högre priser än vad som är normalt (www.cooperativa.cl)

Sålunda kostar vattnet nu nästan det dubbla, även priset på bröd steg kraftigt. Batterier, som är nödvändiga i en sådan här situation och olika ljus som behövs steg så klart också i pris.

Marknadens krafter? Här har vi en stor efterfrågan, människor i nöd som är i behov av basala förnödenheter för att klara sin vardag, efter en naturkatastrof de inget kunnat göra för att avhålla sig ifrån. De är utlämnade åt dessa krafter. Krafter som inte ser en människa som människa utan som kund. En potentiell köpare.

Det finns ingen moral i dessa människors hjärnor. Hur kan man använda sig av naturkatatastrofer för att tjäna än mer pengar?

I sådana här situationer kan jag inte göra annat än att äcklas av människor som profiterar på de drabbades och fattigas bekostnad. Ingen moral. Marknadens krafter så som de bara visar sig i marknadsliberalernas paradis, Chile.

Skapad av Ida D. 2007-11-17 22:46

Ilse-Marie, håller med.

Mänskliga rättigheter är inget krav eller förhandling utan självklarhet.

Dagens värld är otroligt egoistisk, man tappade bort mänsklig omtanke, empati, respekt mot människans liv och rättigheter. Man dödar för olja, man plundrar, utnyttjar. Brasilien t.ex. har återbetalt sina stats skulder för länge sen, men man blev utpressad att betala ränta som kunde man aldrig hinna med utan att sälja sina naturresurser. Skamligt..!

Dom stora och starka har blivit naturresursernas vampyrer som vill bara konsumera tills man kör ihjäl jordklotet..! Nu behöver dom två jordklot för att kunna klara av sina jä * la behov!

Skapad av ilse-marie 2007-11-17 08:11

Det är verkligen fruktänsvärt hur en stor del av mänskligheten fungerar. Maximal vinst tycks vara det enda som gäller. Det påminner om Nestlés chef som menade att "vatten inte var en mänsklig rättighet". Allt vatten skulle enligt honom privatiseras. I mångt och mycket är det väl redan så. Vår värld är enbart till för de som har kapital - resten ska utnyttjas så att vinsterna för de få utvalda ständigt ökas på. Jag kan bara hålla med- jag äcklas!
Allt detta visar också att Naomi Kleins teori om "chockdoktrinen" är en obehaglig sanning - som dessutom praktiseras om och om igen."

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D.R.B. sa...

Greetings to you, K!

Arthur Silber made his points very clearly in the article you linked to. And I was very pleased to learn of Jonathan Pincus' ideas from his book "Base Instincts: What Makes Killers Kill". He seems to be one of the few neurologists who understand the roots in Child Abuse of violence and antisocial behavior. Dr Bruce D. Perry is another one.

You said psycho-historians are still very psychoanalysis influenced. That's my impression too. Sometimes I think they generalize their theories too far. And the literature they cite in support isn't always convincing. Too bad. Maybe that's why the academic community in universities don't take them seriously.

I wish I knew of another forum (not a mailing list) where people are keen to explore these issues. On wallsofsilence.com very few people join in the discussions apart from you, me and Dennis. There used to be others, but I think they went away because of the lack of interest from the 30+ members. Nearly half of the registered members have never even made one reply!

Best wishes,

k sa...

Thank you for your reply and the tip!!! Yes, it's a pity the discussions isn't livelier!! (And I think both Dennis and I are more than 30+?? :-))
However, your contributions are very interesting.
Best wishes to you too!

D.R.B. sa...

Wow! You wrote about Dr. Bruce Perry already. That was quick! It's a good article because it puts all the basic facts in a short, easy-to-digest article. I forgot to mention another neuroscientist who studies the enduring impact of early trauma on brain development -- Allan Schore. Maybe Ingeborg Bosch has written about him.


k sa...

Thanks!! Interesting!! I found this man's web-site: http://www.allanschore.com/

I will check this more later. Now it is soon bedtime here in Sweden. I did some work-emailing when I saw your reply, and have practiced piano half an hour.