söndag 11 november 2007

Norman Mailer and the childhood of Adolf Hitler...

photo on Norman Mailer.
Norman Mailer died yesterday...

Norman Mailer in an interview about his last book “Castle in the
Forest on Hitlers childhood, speculating in that Hitler was a fruit from incest ("first or second hand" or as Mailer puts it: a "first- or second-degree incestuary," ):

“And as Mailer says,

‘If anyone was ever opposite to Christ, it was Adolf Hitler.’

Mailer also may have contemporary political leaders in his sights.

In the novel, DT discusses wartime leaders

‘who have installed in themselves an ability not to suffer sleepless nights because of casualties [orsakssammanhang] on the other side. They now possess [äger, besitter] the mightiest [mäktigaste, högsta] of all social engines of psychic numbification [förstelning, okänslighet, bortdomning] — patriotism! That is still the most dependable [pålitliga] instrument for guiding the masses, although it may yet be replaced by revealed [uppenbar, avslöjad] religion. We love fundamentalists. Their faith [tro] offers us every promise of developing into the final weapon of mass destruction.’

Is that a slap at President Bush, who Mailer has said has surpassed Ronald Reagan as

‘the most ignorant [okunniga] president we ever had’?

'To ask the question,’
he replies,
‘is to answer it.'"

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