torsdag 1 november 2007

More pictures...

Have started a work making piles of fire-woods... There are three big heaps here, fire wood for a whole winter and hopefully more... On the first picture, from this summer actually, you can get an impression of how much firewoods. My two brothers have chopped the wood. And it has been lying out till now, time to pick it in! If snow comes!! Which is a risk! One of the pictures is taken from the "vedbod" /the vedbod here are many times larger than the one I linked though! :-)).
This place/yard looks a little like where Pettson lives! Look here, here and/or here!!

Been on a walk with one of my favorites and visited a church near the river here, before Halloween... Lying beautifully near the shore. And it has been a wonderful weather. I try to write, but it's a little difficult to focus... :-)

Yesterday after lunch we were to the nearby town for some shopping (not my favorite occupation though). Then it came snowmixed rain!! And was fairly dark, thge darkness came early . Going for a walk in the evening is like walking right out into a sack! But it has been moonlight many evenings and nights... Easier to sleep because of this and that it is less noisy here! I enjoy that!
I like nature, and have come to like gardening with the years... When I grew I up I rode horses almost every day, but I have a deep respect for horses... One of the neighbours here has a big riding-house and they train riding-horses I think. I have thought of walking there to watch when I have been for some walks with the cute dog here in the evening.
Addition November 2: Pettson and Findus at Nordiska museet. About Pettson at Wikipedia (in Swedish only).

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