måndag 5 november 2007

Working like beavers...

Politicians here are talking about that we should work like beavers... And people who do work like beavers, what about them?

What is this about on a deeper level? These politicians did they have parents/caretakers who were accessible to them when they grew up? Now they don’t begrudge others the time with each others, neither as children, parents or friends? Because this was what they lacked, which preach beaver-working, when they grew up? Things they haven't admitted and refuse to admit!? (because these things are so extremely painful??) Leading to a more or less thick skin and in the worse cases severe empathy deficits??

By the way, I wonder how it is with beavers work actually!! If they don’t have to take breaks to survive and not get totally exhausted? Very ironically!! If they don’t, how effective is their work and can it be??? It's true that it seems as they are working all year round (according to Wikipedia!), they don't go into hibernation, don't lie dormant during winter!!! But can and do they work without any breaks? (does this politician above only show how little she knows??? Not only about beavers, but how living individuals functions and what their needs are, needs of many different kinds!? Not only of breaks from work to relax, but also in form of time for social life, for rehabilitation, for contemplation!!! *) God forbid if people stop to think and reflect over things, get any opportunity to do that - and question any state of affairs??).

I am thinking of the small dog Eskil who hears if it is a person he knows that is up at night and who doesn’t belong to the family!! Something in his whole “system” that tells him!? Something we human beings have lost? A sort of sensitivity for things? A natural sensitivity? And thus a protection!?

I don’t know… Just some thoughts and quite ironical reflections...

I am certainly the one working hard... Can't everyone see that if nowhere else so in this blog? With a sigh...

Because i AM working full time... And have worked full time my whole grown up life almost (at least from I was 23!!)... Studied and worked at the same time, and worked more than full time... And have seen possible consequences of that... So I don't say hurray to this stupid woman!! At all!! She is another one of the politicians I temperamentally and with all strong emotions don't like!! Of our politicians, and not least ministers in our current government.

*) The Swedish stress-researcher Alexander Perski talks about that the ideal life contains (or should contain) three elements/components, which are (or should be) "vita contemplativa" (a life in reflection/meditation, Oh no, God forbid if the populace should start doing that!!), "vita activa", and sleep (but not in this order in his book "Ur balans", a book whose title translated to English would be "Out of Balance"!!). He writes a lot of other good things in this book!

Addition after a bike ride before lunch and work: and neither over nor under stimulation is good either. At least not in long term.

Have also started reading this article: "Overcoming Social Amnesia: The Role For a Social Perspective in Research and Practice" by a Carl I. Cohen.

Came to think when I had only read the first page of this article about Kirkengen's work, in which she means that childhood abuse expresses itself in somatic diseases too... Not only in psychological/psychiatric or social...

So why shouldn't it express itself in mental things too, and influence not only the body but also the brain and all activities there?

I also came to think about a woman I met, which suddenly got a panic attack when she was driving on a motor (high) way near Stockholm with her family; husband and two kids, and she said:

"I have to stop! I can't drive further!!!"

"Of course you can't do that!! You can't stop here at the motor high way!!!"

her husband replied. She didn't stop, managed to drive further, till they had left the motor way.

These panic attacks didn't disappear of course. She thought they were an expression of too much work (she was economist educated from university, what we call civil economist), and one of her reflections were, comparing her reaction to a man in middle-age who had got an heart-attack, that she reacted with panic (a psychic reaction) while he reacted with a "somatic" disease...

Now also strikes me about Ingmar Bergman which has written in one of his books about his meeting and marriage with the (Swedish) pianist Käbi Laretei (of Estonian origin) and what for instance meant!! He admired her enormously, her intelligence, to that degree that he (their whole life together) played a role... He felt under her in a way, or felt he had to live up to something??

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