söndag 25 november 2007

From "Förskoleforum"...

From the forum "Förskoleforum". I was tipped about this forum at "Leka Lära Leva".

One of the pictures is about the game "Passing the Parcel"!

About pre-school or nursery-school in Sweden (oh, hmmm, that's what nursery schools are!?). And also see here.

And about Swedens Music- and Culture schools.

The game Passing the Parcel:
"Passing the Parcel is a game where you write down different things for the participants to do like 'Sing a song', or 'Act like your favourite teacher' or 'Recite your favourite nursery rhyme', non-embarassing and interesting things of course. Fold up each activity and put all the chits into a bowl.

All participants sit in a circle around the bowl. A 'parcel' is passed around and the music is played. Whoever holds the 'parcel' in the hand when the music stops must pick up a chit from the bowl and do whatever is written in the chit.

The person playing the music should sit in such a way so that the participants are obscured from view to avoid any partiality. The last one standing (or sitting for that matter) does not have to pick anything to do and is declared as the winner."

Addition in the afternoon: “Language, music and rhythm goes hand in hand” a project in Bollnäs, Hälsingland .

Oh, hmmm again, am I proof of that (that these things goes hand in hand)?? At least gladly exploring language as if I was, I don't know, in nursery school or something myself!? :-) And do I have music or rhythm in me at all? I have returned from a walk, thought out there:

"Did I choose this work to stay alive, to survive, to have contact with the child? To have any contact at all with it?"
There were no other options in fact? Had to become big early with so many siblings coming so close and parents extremely occupied with their works and lives and everything... The big and clever big-sister!? Managing everything on my own.

In fact, this with computers: I bought my first computer only five years ago, and what I know I have learned myself mostly... Not phoning any support ever... I have a brother in law that has helped me a couple of times: when I got my both computers... This is very symptomatic for me I think.

2, 5 years later I joined an English forum for the first time (dealing with powerful things too) and hadn't used my English since I quited the gymnasium many years earlier. All these years between occupied with work, studying...

Struggling to be good enough. The road didn't lay there straight in front of me.

And I lived 30 km north of Bollnäs for five years, from I was 18. So I have connections to this place, but the family has no other roots to this part of the country at all...

"Chit" means "kort skriftligt meddelande: biljett; intyg" or "barnunge" in Swedish. "Chit of a girl" is a "jäntunge" in Swedish.

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