måndag 12 november 2007

Sibelius: Kullervo and His Sister (II) with for instance Peter Mattei, baritone...

It stood about this recording:

"Jean Sibelius - Kullervo, op. 7
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Esa-Pekka Salonen, conductor

Marianne Rorholm, mezzo-soprano
Peter Mattei, baritone
Helsinki University Men's Chorus

This epic symphonic poem, written in 1892, was the first widely successful work of Jean Sibelius, and tells the grim tale of Kullervo, a mythical figure from the Kalevala, a collection of colorful poems known as the national epic of Finland.

In this, the 3rd movement, Kullervo has been sent out on a long lonely journey, after growing up away from his family in a difficult home. He meets various ladies along his way, flirts with each, but they turn him down, though finally one takes him up on his offer of romance. After spending the night together, they speak of their families, and to their utter shock discover they are brother and sister. His sister is so distraught over committing incest she kills herself, and Kullervo deeply mourns."

Peter Mattei is born in he north of Sweden, Piteå, 1965...

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