måndag 17 december 2007

White Christmas...

I am sitting here writing the programme for the concert this evening. We are going to start it with White Christmas, with singers and instrumentalists. I am still not quite in the mood for this?

The rest of the programme contains the Swedish hymn "Bereden väg" in a folk-tune melody (from Skattungbyn, I think see this version with the Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkebö - a village in Dalarna), followed by a polska from the town Falun played on saxophone and violin, a folk-melody called "Julottan" played on two violins and church-organ, the invention in C-major by J. S. Bach, the third movement from a violin-sonata in A-major by Handel (Händel in Swedish!!), Czárdas by Monti (a shorthened version) played by a violinist, the song Süsse Stille, sanfte Quelle ruhiger Gelassenheit by G.F. Handel for soprano and violin and continuo, the first movement from a violin-concerto by an Accolay, the second movement from the violin-concerto in g-minor by Max Bruch (beautiful music), and the rest is Christmas-music.

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