måndag 31 december 2007

That about holidays…

Holidays can trigger things? Demands to be so happy, smile… I can imagine a parent for whom holidays means tensions (his or her story)… Sensitive children feeling this. They have probably also experienced outbursts from a parent (I see a father here). But not being allowed to react on this. Have had to suppress feelings of anger, rage and fear? Horrified, wanting to scream, escape, being protected... Eyes full of tears with horror and fear.

The children had to think of another parent (a mother) and her (most often) feelings, her needs of, I don't know, creating the happy family, maybe even the model family? The children had to show smiling faces and glittering eyes. Especially those days, but also at other times and occasions. Not to forget all those other occasions.

I also came to think about defences, those Bosch writes about, as now False Power Anger. We all use the same defences, women as men, but individuals tend to prefer certain… Women False Hope and men False Power. And we all use the Primary defence under all other defences, meaning that we blame ourselves. For instance we blame ourselves that we can't be so happy strikes me now!
Bosch means that the ones who have most reasons to use the Primary Defence are more prone to depressions. She sees connections here, that the Primary defence causes depressions. And she also writes that those with a strong False Power defence are at risk of being more effective if they try to harm themselves… Their trials to commit suicide is more "successful"...

Now I am writing from my memory of what Bosch writes.

If we admitted those things we would help people with those problems. And I think (stronlgy believes) it is possible to do things to “cure” those things… Contrary to what many many "experts" think!!?? Which means the only option isn't to cope with them!! Or having to deal with this miserable life.

If the society wasn’t in such a denial. I am a bit angry...

Maybe I return to this topic later.

But I wish all from deep in my heart a
Happy New Year.

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