tisdag 1 januari 2008

Frösö church...

[Updated January 5 with link to album with all photos from this church]. We have visited Frösö church and the New Years Day Ceremony there (I have thoughts I maybe will write about concerning the church, so church-musician I am). And we have also visited Jamtli.

PS. Kolla Kerstin Berminges nyårsönskning och tips (link in the linked blog to a blog in English).

PPS. Om att göra bildspel kan du kolla här och här.

Se också Biology and Politics om Chockdoktrinen.

Addition January 5: See slide show in the margin to the left in this blog, with more photos from this church. And here is the album with these pictures.

About this church here (in Swedish, but with more photos) and here (also only in Swedish).

About the Vikings here (in Swedish only).

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