torsdag 10 januari 2008

Bryan Ferry - All Along The Watchtower...

In the sofa in the morning-news today they presented a new Swedish group E.M.D. which came with a single before Christmas with the song "All for Love" by Bryan Ferry (??). They say they want to create "mature pop". I liked the song, so I googled on this and found this video with Ferry. Ferry's official homesite. Here about him at Wikipedia, but there it stands it has been a Nazi-controversy with him...

About Roxy Music here. And their first website.

The home-site of E.M.D. with a piece of the tune I liked. An article in a Swedish newspaper about them.

On the SVT-site it stands:

”Supergruppen från Idol, E.M.D. i soffan med premiärvisning av videon ’All for love’.a photo on the group E.M.D.

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